Monday, April 11, 2011

EDO Monday

My To Do List is long today, but I'm checking things off one-by-one.
  • Library returns and pick-ups - check!  Picked up three DVDs, "The Visitor", "Run Lola, Run", and Deepa Mehta's "Fire".
  • Take recycling to the depot - check! 
  • Exchange new, but non-functioning cordless phone for a new, hopefully functioning cordless phone - check! (Thank goodness for extended warranties!)
  • Take expired medications etc. to Shoppers for disposal - check!  (You're not supposed to flush or trash your expired meds. Instead, take them to the drugstore where they can dispose of them properly.)
  • Gas up, and clean out the car - mostly check. Will have to vacuum someday when it's not raining out. 
  • Blog - check! 
  • Clean bbq
  • Meal plan for the week, then shop for groceries.
  • Tidy/file papers on desk.

 Today, I also decided to experiment with hats.

The Bay at the West End Mall in Halifax is closing and everything is 70% off the last ticketed price. Among many things, including the 2010 Vancouver Olympics Mittens (on sale for $3), cloth napkins and table runners, facecloths and a few other items, I picked up two hats. The ticketed price on the hats was $5.99 and $10.00; that's $4.50ish total for both. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this deal may even beat out Frenchy's! 

As it turns out, rainy days are perfect hat days. I didn't have to wipe my glasses once while I was out and about.

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sarah said...

Love the hats! They are so cute. Well done on an efficient Monday. I have learned to try to do the most important things first in the day. Then I seem to get a lot more done.