Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fun with Cardboard

I have the great fortune of being able to hang around with a fun and imaginative kid on occasion. I really enjoy the excuse to do things that adults don't normally get to do unless they're entertaining kids. Our latest crafty project was inpsired by a website - its a Great Cardboard Castle.

Yes, it's a castle built entirely from cardboard and other household remnants and refuse. And I have to confess that since I found the plans online, the plans for this castle's construction have been all-consuming.

The basic structure is pretty simple, but the potential for creativity is limitless. And once it's built, there's the decorating (painting the interior and exterior), the furnishing (all made from cardboard and scraps of fabric etc. of course), the populating of the castle (I've got a collection of Kinder surprise toys, some of which are knights, that will do the trick) and the moat (there's talk of the need for an alligator).... and then there's the play. How fun is it to play with a castle you built yourselves!

So here's what been done on the castle this far:
  • the drawbridge cut out from the front of the "keep"(a copy paper case/box), and a pull attached so the drawbridge can be shut from inside the castle
  • two holes cut out of the top castle's keep for secret passage ways
  • a secret passage way and a chute created from paper towel rolls - the ends cut on a diagonal so the tube is slanted from ceiling to floor inside the keep
  • the turrets cut out (a Kleenex box halved) and attached to the top of the castle, with doors cut out of the sides
  • a second floor created from a box top, using a alum. foil core (they're firmer than papertowel rolls) as pillars to support the floor
  • cut out windows on 2nd floor, front of keep
  • cut out balcony door on left side of keep, from 2nd floor
  • cut out strips of cardboard to make the turrets look like turrets [_]--[_]--[_]--[_]
Most of these pieces haven't been glued or taped in yet because we need to paint the inside and the various pieces first. These are the things that don't require scissors or cutting but involve creativity and a little mess - perfect for school-aged child!

I haven't taken any photos yet, but will be sure to add some when I do. If it's another rainy day tomorrow, I may do a bit more and then put it up until my next visit with the kid.

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