Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wool & Wine trip

Today I bought wool. Lots and lots of wool. It was Gaspereau Valley Fibres' Yarn Yardsale, and I went with a couple friends from work to check it out. I had no idea what to expect -but a trip to the Valley is always worth it, and I just love wandering around this particular wool shop because every nook and cranny is filled with fibre of some kind.

As it turned out, the yard sale was incredible!! Skeins of yarn marked down ridicously low, and bags of wool of every kind and colour going for $1, $2, $8.... I was like a kid in a candy-store, and showed no self-control. I'll post more later about my haul of wool, but I filled 2 bags and was starting on a 3rd before I pulled myself away from the tables.
Here is the complete haul. All three of us did the best we could to make the yarn yardsale a success. I think, in the end, we were glad to get there just a few minutes after the yardsale opened, because once the crowds arrived, it got very busy and things starting disappearing fast! We stayed long enough for most of the initial stock to be cleaned out, and new stock brought out.
Afterwards, to escape the madness, we visited with the farmyard creatures.

Then went to Gaspereau Valley Winery to taste some wine for an up-coming reception. Being a designated driver and a tea-totaller meant that I didn't participate in any tasting, though I did enjoy looking around. So many lovely things to buy, had I not just spent all my money in one place!

From the Winery, we headed up and over the South Mountain to Wolfville to check out the Wolfville Farmer's Market, Eos Fine Foods, and the OddBook. I found a fantastic menu planner book that hopefully will inspire me out of the cooking slump I seem to be in these days.

We ended our day with a delicious lunch at the Tempest. This was my first time at The Tempest and it certainly didn't disappoint. Here's what I had:
Caesar Salad
Our citrus-zesty Caesar salad with romaine hearts,

pumpernickel croutons,
crispy proscuitto and parmesan frico

with Grilled Martock Glen Chicken Breast

Heavenly Tiramisu
The classic Italian trifle with sweet mascarpone,
espresso and kahlua soaked lady fingers

The salad was delicious and a was more than a meal - there was so much lettuce, I couldn't eat it all. And the tiramisu made me very happy - not because it tasted good (though it did!), but because it tasted exactly like the one I had made a few months ago. *Yay for me!*

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