Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Mini Vacation: Days 4 & 5

Yesterday was Mini Vacation Day 4, and among many other things, I got some extra time in with the Little. Thanks to a cousin who happens to be playing in the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo's fanfare, I scored 2 free tickets to the dress rehearsal.

This was my first time seeing the show, and my goodness, I was pleasantly surprised! I was expecting marching bands and lots of great musical performances, but I wasn't expecting the other performances - gymnasts, daredevil stunts, comedic troupes and historical montages. As it turned out, I didn't get to stay for the whole show. Little and I had to leave early as she was falling asleep (even during the 50+ bagpipers performance!) and it was a bit much to expect her to stay up much past 9:30 anyway.

So, here are some highlights from the first half:

The pipers! The marching bands!And the French male gynmasts. :D
Fortunately for me, I'll get to see the whole show this weekend with the family.

Today was Day 5, my last vacation day until my longer vacation later this month where I will unplug and go to the cottage for a "do nothing" vacation. Yay!

Today was anything but "do nothing". I got to visit with a dear friend in the Valley who was game for going strawberry picking in the mist. Did I mention she's a dear friend? ;)

We did quite well! I have 9 quarts of strawberries in my fridge...waiting for me to do something with them. Any/all suggestions are welcome. I'm thinking there HAS to be strawberry shortcake (made with biscuits, NOT cake) in the very near future. And possibly jam, as that's what everyone keeps suggesting. I also have rhubarb, so there may be some strawberry rhubarb jam to be made! Yum!

After strawberry picking we went for lunch at The Port. You may recall I was there just a couple weeks ago with two lovely ladies. Well, this time, instead of the Shepherd's Pie, I tried the gourmet pizza (with pesto, portabello mushrooms, olives, and other delicious things). It was delicious and a bit of a shock when they came out with a 12" pizza. I was expecting something much smaller! There was a lot of value for money from this meal - I left with half the pizza as leftovers.

Then we went for ice cream for dessert here:

And when we got home we chatted for awhile while hulling our haul of strawberries. It was a really good visit!
Tomorrow is Thursday, only 2 days until the weekend....I can't complain.

Whoa! What's this I see:

Sunshine in our forecast! Is that possible?? My part of Nova Scotia has not seen sun in about 2 weeks! What a treat! My patio garden will be very happy.

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sherrieg said...

Fun! We went strawberry picking the other day, and I think my favourite new recipe is Smitten Kitchen's Strawberry Dumplings. If you google that, you'll find it. Super easy and delicious! Freezer jam is the other thing that I made, with Club House freezer jam packets from the grocery store. SO delicious!