Monday, December 14, 2009

EDO Monday: A day of productivity

I have much to do today and figured the best way to get it all done is to make a list, and tick things off as I get them done.

  1. Sweep patio + put up lights & wreath (again!) + move all my balcony furniture back out onto balcony. (Last week my building super replaced my balcony, which meant I had to move my BBQ + planters + bistro set inside, where it's been taking up all the space in my dining room for the better part of a week.) Done! 8:30a.m.
  2. Chase cathair (ie. clean the floors).
  3. Finish Christmas shopping. I have 3 people left to shop for now. And I think I can get at least one done today.
  4. Take recycling to depot.
  5. Make a quick trip to work to pick up something I left in my office on Friday. Sigh.
  6. Make a trip into Big Brothers Big Sisters to drop off the child car seat I borrowed and no longer need; drop off a form; and pick up a 2 For 1 Coupon for the Putting Edge for Saturday
  7. Set up sewing machine again and finish project#1, pin and cut fabric for project#2.
  8. Work on project #3
  9. Pack up parcel for friends in TO and mail.
  10. Finish remaining Christmas cards and mail.
  11. Start Christmas baking.
  12. Plan crafts to make for Big/Little Christmas party on Friday. (ie. How to entertain 9 year olds for 3 hours +).

Okay, so that's all the list-making I'm going to do for now. I hope to update as I go along and get things done.

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