Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obligatory post for March.....

Phew! I'm getting in my March blog post at the very last minute. I've been intending to post for awhile, but haven't really much to say. That's not to say that things haven't been busy, and I haven't done much in March - because nothing could be further from the truth. March was certainly jam-packed with fun of all kinds.

But rather than try to catch you up, I'm going to post what I was working on tonight:
Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt clues!
I'm hoping this will be a hit with the Little tomorrow night. I thought it might be a fun after-dinner activity that will also celebrate Easter (well, the chocolatey-side of Easter anyway).
Each clue leads to something that the Little is familiar with. I hope they're not to easy or not too hard.

Okay, I've posted in March. Now on to April....
I fear if I don't try to get at least one post up a month, I might give up blogging altogether until life quiets down. I shall try to prevent that from happening.

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makeworkproject said...

Ha! Those are awesome chop sticks! She'll have a blast!