Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 is going to be a busy year!

Here it is, the (long!) To Do list for 2011: 
  1. Process the 12+ boxes of David E. Lewis papers that have been sitting in my storeroom for years. Arrangements have been made for the records to go to the Esther Clark Wright Archives at Acadia Univiersity, where DEL did his undergraduate degree and teacher's degree. However, I've committed to archivally processing the records first (being that I'm an archivist by profession). The records consist mainly of magnetic albums (remember those albums with the sticky pages? Yeah, those...) with newspaper and magazine clippings, greeting cards, correspondence, photographs, publisher's correspondence, and other bits and bobs. "Processing" will involve taking digital images of the albums, page-by-page, to record the original context of how the documents were kept by David Lewis, then disassembling the albums and rehousing the documents in archival folders. It'll be a labour intensive process and, quite frankly, not one I relish to do. The only reason I'm doing it is because this happens to be a research interest of mine, and I'd like to have first crack at the research potential. It may, or may not go anywhere, but at least I'll know what's there. I plan to keep a blog about this process, with the hope that the blog will keep me accountable to making progress and getting it done. Also, I fully realise that this project may require more than a year, though it'd be great if it didn't.   
  2. Participate in the Victorian Literature Reading Challenge.  I'm going to aim for the "Sense & Sensibility" track -- to read 1-4 Victorian books. And I'm totally counting Anna Karenina as one of the four books; even though it's Russian, it was written in the Victorian time period. I know AK is a carry-over from 2010, but I'm determined to finish it in 2011. I'll save the details for another post later. 
  3. Finish knitting the sock I started knitting in 2010 + its mate.  
  4. Find 100 geocaches. I think this is a reasonable expectation. I'm up to 15 now. And there are thousands in Nova Scotia (more than 500 in HRM alone). If I find roughly 2 a week, I'll meet my goal. Keeping in mind, of course, that I don't always FIND the caches I'm looking for.  
  5. Experiment with Ethiopian cooking (5a) and learn to make sushi (5b), not necessarily at the same time.  
  6. Go on more daytrips. I should make a point of seeing more of the province. There's still a lot of places I've never explored, mostly on the Eastern side of the province. I should take advantage of having a car and do more sightseeing trips, which can work well with Goal #4. 
  7. Get my files in order. It's shameful to admit, but my paper files are atrocious (bad archivist!). I seriously need to go through them and weed out the unnecessary bits of paper and get a proper filing cabinet. Due to space constraints, I can only do this once I've eliminated about half of the 12 boxes from Goal #1 (which is why getting those boxes processed _is_ Goal #1).  
  8. Keep track of my steps. I have a pedometer thanks to Heart & Stroke's Walkabout program and I think it's a great way to measure my physical activity. I usually forget to wear it most of the time, but it would be great to get in the habit of wearing it and pushing myself to get in those 10000 steps daily, which sadly I don't usually make (unless I'm in Toronto, apparently). 
  9. Donate blood. There is absolutely no reason why I can't, and shouldn't. I just never think about it, that's all. So my thought is, if I write it down, and be intentional about giving blood, I'll actually remember to do it.  
  10. Get more experience in a kayak. I thoroughly enjoyed my kayaking experience last fall and think it's about high-time I learn to kayak properly. 2011 is going to be the year!
So, I've been planning to post more photos and links to go with this list, but haven't gotten around to actually doing it yet. I'm going to post this already and get started at working towards checking off some of the items on the list. 


sarah said...

Andrea, your lists inspire me, too. I had a quick look on Google to identify David E Lewis, but I am not sure if I found the man to whom you refer. Can you tell us more? Why do you have his boxes? What research would you like to do? I am intrigued.

I am almost done Anna now, though I'm going very, very slowly. I lost interest a bit but I'm determined to finish it seeing as we've invested to much time so far! My goals are much the same each year: keep in touch better and pray more. But I can see that making a more specific list like yours might help. :)

makeworkproject said...

I am excited to know what other Vic Lit you are choosing. I may jump on board this as well, but am not sure what books I want to pick.

Also, if you need geocaching company or Ethiopian food testing, I volunteer.

Andrea said...

@Sarah: I've fallen behind on Anna, but have picked it up again. I shall prevail! ;)

I talk a bit more about David Lewis over on my other blog That will probably answer some of your questions.

And I love lists...even if I don't always check everything off of them.

@makeworkproject: Victorian Lit list is coming. I drafted it awhile ago, but have been preoccupied with David Lewis stuff over at the other blog. Will post soon. PLUS, I've already checked making sushi. That's another post that needs to happen soon.

sarah said...

Andrea, thanks for the link to your other blog. I wonder if my local (Hong Kong) library stocks Lewis? It looks like a monumental project--well done for tackling it. I hope you get a lot of good out of it. Maybe this is a career making project? :)

Sara said...

Magnetic albums = death. Oh noes.
Did I tell you about the place I worked where some enterprising well-meaning soul had gone to the trouble of re-organizing all the photographs 1890-1930 in magnetic albums, because then they'd keep better? Probably. I get a lot of mileage out of that story.
Best of luck with the processing.