Monday, August 25, 2008

A beautiful day for a hike...

Sunday was a gorgeous day to go for a walk. So we did. We hiked the path that follows the shore near Cyrstal Crescent Beach. Actually, truth be told, we went the opposite direction of the path from the Beach. The path seems to start on your right, but we headed left , with the hope of finding wild blueberries (no luck!). So we trailblazed, sort of. There was a path, but much of it had eroded and it wasn't a well travelled path. We had to walk through thickets of brush, climbing over and through rocks and avoid getting sucked into boggy soil. Being warm I had the brilliant idea to wear shorts, so naturally my legs give evidence to our off-trail trekking. Sigh. Lesson learned.
The view was certainly worth it. We landed on a beach, somewhat removed from the more popular spots (which were crowded, not surprisingly!).

We rested our tortured feet ... and took a dip in the Atlantic. The freakin' COLD Atlantic!!! It took a little getting used to, but once your feet adjusted to the temperature (think: brain freeze for the feet), it was hard to walk away.
Waves crashing on a white sand beach. Nice! This was my first beach trip since I can remember, perhaps since summer camp at Malagash...

After our dip, and then trying to get the sand off our feet so we could put our hiking shoes back on, we doubled back, crossed the main beaches and headed onto to the trail proper.
It was a much different hike, still following the coast, but not always with a view of the ocean as we had earlier. This path was lined with taller brush and these aromatic flowers (anyone know what they are?). Parts of the trail were actually a boardwalk, which was a nice change.

But the real view came down the path a little ways...when we hit the naturists' beach. Yes, my friends, we had quite a view!...full view of very tanned people (without tan-lines). We walked a little further up the trail, just enough beyond the naturists' beach, sat on the rocks a baked a little while - just long enough to get a little sunburn on the patch of skin I must've missed when I was applying sunscreen! Sigh.

All-in-all, it was a fabulous day!

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