Friday, August 19, 2011

Sambro Island Adventure

Did you know that the Sambro Lighthouse is the oldest operating lighthouse in North and South America? Well, it is. It's been operating since 1758 and has a fascinating history, which you can read for yourself.  Once a year, the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society opens up the island for public tours and this year I finally managed to go! 

It takes about 30 minutes by fishing boat to get to Sambro Island, and there's no wharf when you dock so you're basically jumping from boat to the rocks.

Dan Conlin from the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic showed us around the island, pointing out the buildings (the Gas House, the Lightkeepers' dwellings, or what's left of them, and of course the Lighthouse), explaining their purpose and a little bit about their architecture and history. 
He also told us about the resident ghost, "Double Alex", guI'll let you look up that story on your own.

I took a lot of pictures and can't help but to share a few more. So, here they are!
As you can see, the Gas House (above, right and below) is precariously perched on the rocks. Sadly, this building is falling apart and is at risk of total demise if the Canadian Coast Guard, which owns and maintains the island, doesn't soon do something about it.

Good-bye Sambro! Until next time!

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