Friday, September 02, 2011

Cookbooks Galore

Did I forget to post about my exciting acquisition of cookbooks? 
I think I might have. 
Sorry about that. 
Yeah, so, I got a whole lot of cookbooks from a dear friend, Friedel, who was downsizing her own collection. And by "a whole lot", I mean she's more than doubled my cookbook collection. In case you don't believe me, here's a before photo of my cookbook collection, and below is the after shot.
So many gorgeous books with delicous recipes, so little time. I've poked through a few of them so far, but really need to flag some recipes to try. I must confess, I've not done much "cooking" this summer. My evenings have been busy, and I've been mostly grilling things on the barbeque or foraging in the fridge, which is easy to do with so much fresh summer produce. Also, when it gets hot I don't usually feel much like cooking. That's what Fall and Winter are for, right?

I'm looking forward to doing some experimenting this Fall/Winter and will certainly keep you posted!

Thanks again Friedel! These books have found a good home!


sarah said...

Brilliant! How nice of Friedel to stock you up. Which one cuaght your eye first? I can't read all the titles in the picture, but I see you have CookWise (great stuff, there), Nigella's How to Eat, Hugh F-W, Peter Reinhart, etc! Maybe a once a week blog feature of one recipe from one new cookbook?? :-D

Moosewood Restaurant Daily Special: I own this and use it all the time. I love it with a passion! For example, the carrot dressing on page 216, the spicy carrot peanut soup on page 55, and Tunisian carrot salad on page 293. (PS. I do like carrots.)

Andrea said...

Sarah, that's a fantastic idea! I'm going to accept your challenge, and I'll even start with one of the Moosewood books. :)
Stay tuned!

sarah said...

Woohoo! I look forward to seeing what you cook next. :)