Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Monday's errands

On Monday I made a trip to the Valley to visit with friends and family. I left early enough to allow time for two errands : a stop at Applewicks and drop of some bottles for recycling.


This store is difficult for me to get to, simply because it's only open Monday-Friday 9-4:30. I used to go occasionally when I lived in the valley, but haven't been back since. So, on Monday, I took advantage of the opportunity and went in. I really like the purpose of this business - " to provide meaningful work opportunities for people with disabilities". And I especially like their products and service!
I bought several items which were very carefully wrapped in tissue by one of the workers, and put in a hand-coloured bag.
The candles are wonderful and the pumpkin pie candle smells delicious and, in my opinion, was a steal at $3 ea.
But I found this particular table runner particularly irresistable. Again, another steal at only $8, and the colours were really pretty. My only criticism is that it's a bit smaller than I would've liked, but I was told that I could put in an order for a custom-made runner.

The next errand was to drop of my recyling at the Valley Recyling Enviro-Depot in Greenwich. This isn't particularly note-worthy except that I noticed, while waiting for my recyclables to be sorted and counted, a sign for the Horton Poor House cemetery. One of the sorters told me that it's just a nice hike back behind the recycling building, so now I'm itching to hunt it out.

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Lauren said...

Very, very cute table runner. I am in need of one. Or three.