Saturday, February 02, 2008

Good friends & Good Food - Part 2

Another weekend full of good friends and good food. How lucky can one girl get!!?!
This time it was my turn to be hospitable. I have to admit, I was quite looking forward to this. I enjoy cooking, but find I don't go to much trouble just for myself. It's definitely more fun to cook for friends or family.

I had been giving my menu for tonight a great deal of thought and decided on a Morrocan/Italian blend. Not for any particular reason except that they were dishes I wanted to make.

The main course was Morrocan chicken and rice, served with garlic bread, steamed green beans, and a cucumber, tomato and parsley salad. And for dessert ...Authentic Italian Tiramisu! (as authentic as you can get in NS anyway!) I've been wanting to make Tiramisu again since my first botched attempt awhile ago, but hadn't gotten around to it. Well, today I did.
So here's what I learned about making Tiramisu.
  1. The cookie ladyfingers work just as well as the cakey ladyfingers (which you can't find in Halifax - I know, I tried!).
  2. The marscapone gets very lumpy when you add the eggs, etc. to it, but a little persistence and steady beating with an electric mixer pays off.
  3. Though the marscapone mix seems really eggy, once it's refridgerated and set for a few hours, it's not at all eggy!
  4. 500 mL of marscapone can make A LOT of Tiramisu. Look for a smaller container next time. I have another Tiramisu to make with all the left overs, and NOBODY needs 2! Tiramisus! 250 mL would work just as well, unless you're aiming to make dessert for a crowd.

After dinner, we settled into a game - Settlers of Catan. If you've never played this game, let me tell you, it's a lot of fun. It's a little like risk, but without the time commitment. A normal game, when you're not learning how to play, takes roughly an hour. A game involves some strategy, some luck, and a whole lot of trading. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys strategy games, and to those who don't typically enjoy strategy games!

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