Sunday, June 14, 2009

Welcome to Georges Island

A couple months ago I visited York Redoubt and thoroughly enjoyed it. Well, this Saturday I got the rare opporunity to visit another National Historic Site - Georges Island. Though the site has a fascinating history and really cool fortifications/architecture that includes a series of tunnels, it's only open to the public one weekend a year. So, when an opportunity comes up to get there - grab it!

Georges Island from the ferry. It was an overcast morning, but that didn't matter or didn't put a damper on our visit.

As I said, the fortifications on Georges Island are really cool. It's really not much different than that at the Citadel, but there are tunnels! which are kind of like secret passageways, right? and there are all sorts of theories (conspiracy and otherwise) about where the tunnels go. What's not to get excited about that?!! So here are some pictures of the tunnels:
The entrance to one series of tunnels. Apparently the other series of tunnels are a mirror image so we didn't bother to go through them (perhaps next time). Where does this trap door go? Our tourguide couldn't tell us, though he suspected it was something mundane like an access to electrical wiring. OR maybe! it's a door to the secret tunnels to the Citadel????A canon aimed at the harbour. Georges Island never did see any battle, but that doesn't matter. What really mattered was that we were prepared! More cool stonework and military architecture. Our tourguide was a member of the Halifax Citadel Regimental Association, and did a very good job explaining the fortifications and answering questions.Some of the museum folk got into the spirit (and into costume) and put on demonstration of flag raising to return a signal from the Citadel (see below).Oh, and here's a view across the harbour towards York Redoubt. (I should also tell you that I drove past the fort the other day and there seems to be minimal damage to the exterior. The fire appears to have only licked the exterior walls and consumed only a part of the woodland surrounding the Fort.) A very pretty lighthouse on Georges Island. Paint job looks good on this one.

And now for two shots I couldn't resist:
DON'T DO ANYTHING! No nothing. No eating, no walking on the grass, no falling off cliffs, and especially no whitespace! If you're thinking about something...anything....don't do it here!
Look! They're giant binoculars! Okay, okay. It's actually just two large cannons, but c'mon, you see it too, right?

So there's another National Historic Site checked off the list. There are really quite a few in Nova Scotia (26 in total) and I've still not seen a lot of them. I've got lots of sightseeing to do!

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sherrieg said...

I always learn something new from you! I think I must have heard of Georges Island at some point, but had never given it a second thought. Tunnels, though! And a mystery trap door! Fun. :)