Saturday, January 05, 2008

Knitting projects

I've been knitting up a storm this past week, trying to finish a basic scarf for a gift next weekend. It's nearly done, and I hope it's recipient enjoys it.

I'm also working on another scarf. I'm finally putting the Casbah yarn to good use while also explanding my knitting skills. I'm knitting a Chevron scarf. The pattern involves alot of increasing and decreasing which is a skill I hadn't tackled until now; that, and knitting using two different balls of yarn in one go. It's going well for my first try. Not quite as even as I'd like and it's slow going because I have to concentrate, but it's a good challenge!

One thing I discovered while knitting the Chevron: I knit best with wooden needles, particularly when it comes to smaller stitches. Not long after I started the Chevron I lost one of my 3.5mm wooden needles and switched to aluminum. Unfortunately, I kept dropping stitches (I think because there's no friction with aluminum needles) and ended up having to pull out rows. Needless to say I picked up another set of wooden needles before continuing on.

It also became painfully clear that I needed to be more intentional about keeping my knitting things together (instead of stuffing them into whatever bag I was carrying at the time.....or my pockets.

I picked up this bag at Chapters - it was 50% off and a very good price. Hopefully it'll do the trick for keeping my needles in one place. The pockets are handy and it'll hold my project/s.

Hopefully no more needles will go missing!

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Anonymous said...

The scarf is looking good. I am glad you got some wooden needles, you were stressing me out every time you pulled it apart :) It was nice to see you this holiday!